Our focus & our history

In 2014 Dresden-Place to be was established to make international scientists as well as refugees feel at home in Dresden from the very beginning of their stay.

The members of Dresden-Place to be are very much interested in establishing a culture of welcome for all New-Dresdner where ever they come from and what their reason is to move from one country to another.

Members of Dresden-Place to be have started to perform as volunteers. They are a kind of personal hosts/mentors. We have started to support international researchers and scientists coming from all over the world to work Dresden’s different Institutes and Universities.

In 2014 we welcomed the first refugees. They needed help from the first moment.

The initiative provides support for them concerning all questions in daily life, as bureaucracy, searching jobs or language problems.

We help translating official papers, accompany to schools, to the jobcenter, to medical appointments or the immigration office. We show them around to get organized in the new town or we invite them to private excursions and culture events. Children need help at school and we finance, if needed, private teaching.

We supported several students financially so they were able to continue their studies.

We have been helping an elementary school here in Dresden. More than 60% of the children have a migration background. First step was to renew the school library, to encourage the children to use it more frequently. The school garden needed a lifting. And children are now able to use it for recreation during the brakes as well as for biology lessons.

Due to Corona it became obvious that many children had no chance to work with the internet. The families had neither laptops, computers and they could only do their homework on their mobile phones. We were able to finance beamers and laptops.

Besides these mentioned activities Dresden-Place to be! e.V. is also involved with supporting the Dresden people to make the city an opened minded and tolerate town.

Dresden-Place to be” organized a big concert in 2015 entitled “Dresden offen und bunt” with numerous well-known singers and artists, like Herbert Grönemeyer, Silly or Wolfgang Niedecken to take a stand against racism and the xenophobic Pegida.

Months later a conference took place to offer a platform for all Dresdner to articulate their ideas, to discuss and to develop a greater understanding.