Tanya C.

I am very thankful to "Dresden-Place to be" for always supporting newcomers like myself by organizing events and cultural activities for everyone. Integration into a new culture is definitely a challenging step for everyone who has dared leaving a home behind, hoping to establish a new one elsewhere. Thanks to " Dresden Place to be" and the wonderful people who manage this association, I had the pleasure of getting to know one of the most interesting and intelligent people I have met in Dresden. Not only did she offer to devote some time of her busy schedule to help me deepen my German language skills, but she also happened to own an amazing art gallery, be a very smart and interesting woman and someone who has always accepted me with open heart and big smile. I can definitely say that she became not only my mentor but also my friend. Thank you all, who constantly find a way to support newcomers and help us find our own path to success.

Now, I can certainly call myself lucky for having the privilege to be a part of this great place to be, Dresden.